Youth To Rest

by Singled Out

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released May 18, 2014

Recorded and mixed by Cameron Heck at the Mukilteo Mansion April and May of 2014
Cover by Nate Walters and Jakob VanAndwerp
Guest vocals on Things I Said by Chris Williams of Dead Weight



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Singled Out Everett, Washington

Everett's hardcore.

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Track Name: Singled Out
I can see it in me I can feel it in us
A solid foundation built on trust
You have my back and I have yours
A special time is running its course

Betrayal comes but I brought me here
I have faith, you have fear
In a world that turned its back you were there
When all I needed was a friend

You don’t like the people around you?
Fucking change it

Staying cold
Its getting old
It’s a matter of time
Before you go
Saying it’s a cliché vibe
Saying it’s a waste of time
I have my friends and that’s all I’ll ever need.
Track Name: Gone Wrong
A self proclaimed king of the lost
You cast your judgement at such a high cost
Vanity and ego, you think you’re a cut above
You’re just like them when push comes to shove

Each one teach one and you’ve shown me a bit
You’ve given me these pieces and they don’t seem to fit
The feeling of not being forced
I could tell from the start this where I belonged

You’ve always talked about unity and breaking down these walls
But you’ve always seen it as you and me and that’s where you’ve gone wrong
Track Name: Youth To Rest
Distracting myself with what started it all
The obvious screaming in my ear
But I won’t answer the call
Hearing what I wanted to hear

21 years you think I’d have something to show
The paper you wanted or a sign of growth
Claim my innocence and push it on those days
When none of us had hope
and yours was first to fade

For so long
I’ve let this get the best of me
Its fucking time
I put this youth to rest

I list off the things I’ll take to my grave
Its exactly that, no give, all take
Life’s to short, death comes at anytime
And I try to act like I’m feeling fine
and yours was first to fade

Knowing god damn well it would eat me alive

For so long I’ve let this get the best of me
Its time to put this youth to rest
Track Name: Things I Said
You didn’t turn your back
You walked straight on though
I used to feel strength in numbers but now I’m one of the few
I can’t look back and laugh
I look back and wonder what I could’ve done
Did your change come from inside?
Or was it a cause of our actions?

Hard to find confidence when I’m feeling down
Is that the reason you’re not around?

You said you would never feel this way
Can I blame you?
Or was it the things that I said?