by Singled Out

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Recorded by Phil Jones
Mastered by Ahren Lanfor
Gang vocals by Singled Out, K10, Casey, Big Money, and Dailey


released October 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Singled Out Everett, Washington

Everett's hardcore.

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Track Name: Just Watch

Power is something we can hold
Walking on the foundation never seemed so bold
Heard it before and turned a blind eye
Can you really say you've ever tried?

You wanna see change?
Just fucking watch!

Biting at the heels of what we always wanted
Something we build
Something worth flaunting
Why would I let someone else be in control
When I can do it myself and go exactly where I wanna go

In a world built for me to just get by I live

You can blame me and try to beat in through my head
But the way you live, I'd rather be dead


You wanna see change? Just fucking watch.
Track Name: New Vision
Each idea I had started with doubt
A reason to quit, too many to count
What's the point without progress?
Confess the problem so we can move on with a greater idea
I can hold, see or measure fear
I can feel growth, I can see change, I can take a chance.

What I want, I'm gonna take
This vision I have I'm gonna make it real and something I can hold
An honest way to live is all I want to know

Track Name: Break Free

Memories are made and feelings will fade
We can look back and wish it would stay the same
A conviction sustained
A choice made
If I walked away would our friendship fade?

Each moment is an opportunity to create something that will last forever

Choice and growth, we face it every second
If mine is hard to hear should I regret it?
I’ve lived in my means for too long
Done with just talk
Words with no thought
Intentions fall short
Its time to break free

All these failures that we’ve had it was all on us we just didn’t understand
The importance of these choices and connections we make
The more we give the more we can take away
Track Name: Face To Face
Awkward and afraid, the list never ends
Write them off before they even began
Push them away to feel control
Just reinforcing what I already know
This wall that I’ve built in my mind
Is holding me wandering with nowhere to hide
From the inevitable truth that I should have tried to see the reasons why

There’s this tension and regret
All these problems that I’ve met are coupled with a change to forget
All these preconceived notions in my head
It starts with a capacity to see why we’re not eye to eye
The driving force behind everything I believe is holding me back from what I want to achieve

We spend our whole lives thinking our opinion is final
Even when we know we’re wrong, we live in this self made denial
I think of all the time we waste building up what breaks
When we are face to face
Track Name: Up To Us
The way it was
The way its been
The way it will be
It’s up to us
Track Name: Same Song
Same goals and same reason for walking through the door
I can’t figure out why my opinion is worth more
A cycle that’s been ignored for too long
Are we really hearing the same song?

Crossed paths, mishaps, whether you’re to blame or not
The stigma lives on every time you sing along
I just have to exist and I earn respect
Her passions the same but you expect so much more

Same goals and same reason for walking through the door
I can’t figure out why my opinion is worth more
A cycle that’s been ignored for too long
Are we really hearing the same song?